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ARK Release 27.03.2022

Badge creation and editing feature now available! Plus: Improvements and bug fixes

Hello crew!
With these posts we keep you updated with every step forward we make on the ARK!
  • New: Course Badges can be edited and translated
  • Improvement: Clicking on “Edit” on a specific card in an activity or best practice brings you to the location in Edit form where you can edit that element ( = location in the form is included in the url)
  • Improvement: Duration of Courses in Best Practices Library counted as sum of duration of their sessions
  • Improvement: Activity drafts and Bookings are sorted by “Updated time” ( = the activities and bookings that were updated most recently are on the top)
  • Improvement: Updates in German translation
  • Improvement: Courses in BP library are marked with a [Course] tag
  • Improvement: Courses schedule can be edited same way as Event schedule
  • Fix: Prefill session facilitator for course created from best practice
  • Fix: do not put 1970 as date in sessions of courses created from a best practice
  • Fix: Search for learning paths in LP dropdown

Fix: Create activity form is stuck