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Impact Points

“That is the true genius
of organizations:

they can lift groups of people
to punch above their weight,
to achieve outcomes
they could not have achieved
on their own”

Ever heard of the OVERVIEW EFFECT?

It is a profound change experienced by astronauts when they have their first view of Earth from outer space.


The overview effect is this instant understanding of Earth’s fragility and uniqueness that leads to the growing need to protect it as our common home.

No need to go into space!

Instead, understand the natural parts our planet is made of.

Connect to your bioregion and protect it.

Become a steward of this beautiful spaceship called Earth!

Board the ARK

Activate body and mind • Restore planet and people • Know your bioregion

ARK is short for  Activate body & mind, 

Restore planet and people, Know your bioregion.

The ARK is a platform that uses the power of technology 

to drive social, environmentaland economic health. 


Join the crew and navigate towards a sound tomorrow.


Join a community and start learning what matters. Now.

Show your contribution to the solution of the climate crisis.
personas_find community
Find your community

Identify your interests and match them with a community of like-minded people.

Go ahead!

Find events and courses and keep track of your learning progress across different learning paths.

personas_connect to nature
Connect to planet & people

Local activities are one tap away: use smart tools for meaningful offline connections.


Do you want to motivate your staff, students or team to learn about sustainability?

Harvest the power of a large corporation without the debilitating effects of bureaucracy.
personas_Work done
Get the job done

Create a community and get access to powerful management tools. Browse the best practise library and set learning targets for your members.

Motivate your community

Simple event creation and efficient information sharing: keep your community updated and support members' learning progress.

personas_keep learning
Show your expertise

Education is a life-long process and informal training grows in importance. Collect facilitation impact points. Award badges for courses. Share your best practices with a global audience.

Start learning what matters. Now.