Green Steps ARK


If you feel like sailing to new shores, then you are probably what we call a Commons Mentor. Commons Mentors spearhead environmental education in a specific territory and thereby support Impact Communities.
In order to start a commons as Learning Space on the ARK, you need to have registered an Impact Community and we recommend that you have already a team to take on this project.
Mentor teams of existing commons will support you and you will be able to draw on a growing database of species entries and activity best practices, but you will need to build a crowd, curate specimens and develop routes. Don’t worry! It’s going to be a fun ride and you have lots of tail wind.

What is a Commons Mentor

  • A Commons Mentor has an above average understanding of the local ecosystem.
  • A Commons Mentor has a deep connection the local ecosystem and feels confident to curate and review specimen entries.
  • A Commons Mentor is ideally a proam, i.e. somebody who facilitates experimental. education sessions and therefore knows about the value of this SaaS platform.
  • A Commons Mentor is a role model user online & offline.

What are Commons

Commons are human scale Learning Spaces. As opposed to schools and classrooms, commons encompass an approximately 100 km2 territory which can be as large as an entire municipality or a large district of a metropolis. Commons are ecosystems rather than single buildings and within these systems Learners of all ages improve their understanding of how the interconnectedness and mutual dependence of life.

phase 2 user roles

The Commons Mentor and other ARK roles

The ARK is designed as a social network that drives offline connections with plants and people. The central roles of the platforms are:

  • Learner: joins activities, collects Impact Points and grows his/her Bioregional Identity; every Learner is also able to create Specimen entries in his/her Learning Space
  • Facilitator: facilitates activities within a Learning Community and awards Impact Points and observed species and specimens to Learners
  • Community Mentor: manages a Learning Community and is a responsible for its appearance on the ARK
  • Commons Mentor: reviews and curates the specimen entries of a Learning Space and creates new species entries within a bioregion. 
  • Bioregion Mentor: creates, reviews and curates species entries of an entire Bioregion