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February Crew Call – how do we get kids outdoors?

Our February crew call gave us the opportunity to take a step back from the development grind and look at our project with the eyes of a newbie. Our long time supporter Hans Galliker invited a few people from Zurich based Environmental Humanities, a NGO that perceives the Environment through the Humanities: The enormous scope and complexity of today’s environmental problems require knowledge derived from the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities, engaging experts within and beyond universities.

We recap in this call the three distinct development phases of our project, what we have achieved in phase 1 and where we are in phase 2. If you watch this recording you will also get quick overview of the main web-app functionalities including your learning cockpit, activities platform, best practice library and gamification elements like badges. We ask the non-trivial question of how to get kids outdoors and while we don’t give this answer in the call, there is clear evidence that school-based programs are more likely to change behavior than programs at the environment camp that are not integrated into the curriculum (Sobel, 2013).

So, as always, lean back and watch the entire call or jump to the sections you are interested:

00:00 Intro: project mission

03:37 Phase 1

08:28 Personal Profile

09:50 Communities and Commons

11:03 Activities, Library and Badges

12:53 Phase 2

21:56 Collectible BFG Cards

30:29 How do we get kids outdoor?

33:44 User Roles